The Headwaters Sportsman Association is a Gallatin County based organization of sportsmen and sportswomen (with members in Park and Madison Counties also) dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of wildlife and its habitat in order to maintain a harvestable population.  HSA interacts with the various state and federal agencies to be sure the voice of the average Montana sportsman or sportswoman is heard.

We meet on a semi-monthly basis, usually on Tuesday evening. Members receive an email or letter prior to the meeting notifying them of exact time, date and location.  We prefer to use email to reduce costs. The meeting is also announced in the prior week’s Outdoor Section of the Chronicle when possible.

Topics of discussion are determined by the membership and not limited to a pre-determined agenda. All hunters and anglers are invited to join and participate so that their concerns are addressed by the appropriate agencies. There is power in numbers and you can make a difference.

Membership Application